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Showcase FAQ

  • Why Showcase?  This is a fantastic opportunity to get your act in front of arts presenters from around the state and to engage with a network of arts professionals from around the country.  OAPN's Annual Conference is attended by industry leaders in performance, management, and presenting from all over North America, and we offer an affordable network for high quality performing arts
  • Why must I be a member to showcase?  OAPN's membership allows for communication throughout the year amongst members, and it is important to us to stay in touch with our members and showcase artists to help facilitate booking opportunities wherever possible.  We also assist in block booking efforts at other regional showcase conferences, so maintaining a membership is useful in this manner, as well. 
  • How does OAPN assist in booking?  We work with out members to gather data on interest in showcase performers in order to facilitate block booking. We will offer opportunities for presenters to discuss booking in private throughout the conference, and include a dedicated block booking meeting at the end of the conference.  Data gathered from our conference will also be shared with member presenters who are unable to attend the conference,as well, further multiplying the possibility of creating a block.
  • The cost to showcase seems high.  OAPN has maintained the same fee structure for many years, keeping the cost for our showcase artists as low as possible.  Fees for registration cover meals lunch and dinner for Monday and Tuesday where all our membership meets for networking and discussion. Fees for exhibit hall are necessary to cover the cost of providing the space to engage with presenters and discuss booking opportunities.  And the tech fee is necessary to cover the associated costs with the production of the showcases themselves.  
    • Even with the total cost of all of these fees, and with reduced costs for labor and rentals we are able to negotiate due to our nonprofit status and industry relationships, in 2016 OAPN subsidized showcase production by roughly $10,000 out of our own operating funds in order to keep funds as low as possible for our showcase performers.
  • If you have any additional questions or concerns, visit the showcase link above or feel free to reach out to us at 

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