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Reviews / Testimonials

Comments from the OAPN Annual Showcase Conference

"It was an invaluable tool for first time presenters like ourselves. We didn't know where to begin and now we aren't sure where to stop. Very exciting."

"Really enjoyed myself and enjoyed reconnecting with colleagues on both sides of the aisle."

"As a first timer, I was very impressed. Lots of friendly and helpful people. Great conference! I'll be back!"

"Absolutely wonderful. Great people, great talent, and great planning. I really appreciate that everything was on time and there was no wasted time at all. I was busy the entire time."

"All details were attended to from start to finish. So many Ohio based attendees contributed to the success of this conference. You could tell there was passion driving this conference."

"I had a wonderful time. Developed some wonderful business and personal relationships. It's like attending a spa; it's rejuvenating to be with so many people who believe and love what they do!"

"I see the yearly event as an opportunity to groom some of my best relationships. I'm grateful for the conference and the organization."

"Of all the conferences that I have attended, the showcases this week were so far above. I was so impressed with all of the talent and it was truly a diverse mix of artists. The dance companies were top notch and the musicians, extraordinary."

"I booked 9 artists from attending the conference for my summer series...."

"...Inspired me to re-dedicate myself to my goals."

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